Loretta Becker   
Loretta is a self-taught artist, influenced by her father’s love and skill of painting. She paints with some nontraditional tools such as rulers, cardboard, sticks, stirrers and shells, along with the traditional brushes and palette knives. Many of her paintings are textured and rough on the surface. Most of her works would be classified as modern impressionism. She paints with oil, acrylic and watercolor and also makes sculptures from bricks and sea glass found on beaches. Many of her paintings are of the ocean and beaches and boats, because of her love for the sea. To her, the ocean represents freedom and peace, and she feels the world needs more of that.  Some of her works are in private collections.  She attended Alfred University, one of the best universities in the country for art, but interestingly enough the degrees she attained were a BA in Spanish and a BS in Nursing. All the while, she envied the students attending the art classes. She furthered her education, receiving a Masters in Education through the state and a Certification in School Nursing from Cedar Crest College. She is a member of AAC (Allentown Arts Collective) and ACE (Arts Community of Easton).    
Exhibitions: Allentown Art Museum | New Bridge Group Salemme Foundation | New Bridge Group Moravian College | New Bridge Group Nature Nurture Center | ACE (Arts Community of Easton) State Theatre | ACE Civic 514 Exhibition Center and Blink Optical Boutique | Allentown Arts Collective Allentown Arts Collective First Friday in Emmaus Exhibit Twisted Olive | Featured Artist March/April 2015 and Jan/Feb 2016

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