Marlow Rodale 

I view my paintings as an exploration of space, both internal and external; an interpretation of how memories of past events create ones internal landscape, and how that can be reflected in the external world. In creating these spaces, I intend to give the viewer a space to pause, reflect inwardly, and create their own narrative.  Each canvas is a brief moment of respite from a world constantly bombarding us with images and messages intended to influence our opinion.

By contrasting free form, abstract mark making with controlled, rendered form there is a constant balancing act of intellectual and emotional reaction to marks already on the canvas. Therefore, the paintings grow organically without prior intent, or a preconceived plan, but each new mark is a deliberate attempt to bring balance to the composition. The scale of the works varies, but the use of perspective, both linear and atmospheric, acts to draw the viewer in and heighten the sense of immersion into each microcosm. I use oil paint on wood panel, playing with lines, textures and color, and various mediums to accentuate the variety of mark making.

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