Chef Steve


Chef Steve Kershner’s enthusiasm for cooking began as a child, where he enjoyed time

in the kitchen with his father who was also a chef. Taking his natural talents into the

workforce, he developed his unique cuisine through positions at the Hotel Bethlehem,

Cascade Lodge, Spring Valley Inn, Belmont Inn, and the Apollo Grill. Chef Steve had the

honor of participating in a class at La Varenne at the Green Briar Hotel with Anne Willan

and Julia Child where he was able to further develop his skills. Over the years, Chef Steve

has been privileged to have the opportunity to prepare meals for Lech Walesa, Diana Krall,

Henny Youngman, Eartha Kitt, Emeril Lagasse, and Gene Kranz (NASA Flight Director for

over sixty space missions including Apollo 11 and 13).


In recognition of his friendly demeanor and enticing meals, Chef Steve was voted

"Lehigh Valley’s Favorite Chef" by readers of the Lehigh Valley Style magazine in 2009, 2011 & 2014.

The inspiration for his unique dishes comes from many sources, including his travels throughout Europe.

He insists on a blend of fresh ingredients, creativity, attention to detail and the utmost quality in every meal

he serves. Chef Steve devotes time to create a unique dining experience for his guests at the Twisted Olive.




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