Current Artist

As an artist, who typically paints impressionistic scenes from nature, I believe there is no right or wrong way to create. This past year I turned a new leaf, letting go of evaluations and focusing on challenge and growth. Mastery is boring so, putting fear aside, I have challenged myself to go in a new direction with my artwork, experimenting with different processes and attitudes. Although I still enjoy recreating my interruptation of nature with paint, I am expanding my body of work to elaborate on past works, bringing a new outlook and light on ME and my art.
Along with painting, Mairin enjoys working with others, especially through teaching art. When the weather permits it, she spends as much time as possible exploring the outdoors. While in nature, "I feel so small, a part of something larger than life." She is fond of hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, gardening, cooking and traveling. These activities activate her senses and nurish creativity.
Having created many commission pieces of artwork, Mairin has a flair for capturing essential subject elements. She has a unique gift in understanding the needs and desires of her clients and through this talent, she creates outstanding pieces which will undoubtedly grow in sentimental and tangible worth through time.  Request a commissioned work and be astounded at the result. 
*****40% of the proceeds for the art sold at Twisted Olive will be going to the Junior League of the Lehigh Valley*****
About The Junior League
Founded in 1901 by social activism pioneer Mary Harriman, the Junior Leagues are charitable nonprofit organizations of women, developed as civic leaders, making a demonstratable impact on their communities.
Issue Based Community Impact; our current community impact focus is on the issue of Educational Disparity.  The areas of impact are improving life skills and reducing the educational gap in lower income communities.
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